Türkiye Fintech Guide

Financial technologies have made a considerable contribution to transforming the financial sector. Beyond the financial institutions’ transformation based on technology, fintechs, with their innovative business models, carry financial services to a new era. In the future world of economy and finance, if not today’s, fintech will have a substantial role.

Türkiye, with an experience of more than 30 years, has become a fintech ecosystem for all stakeholders, from public institutions to entrepreneurs and investors. Fintechs operate in a wide area, including payments and securities settlement systems, electronic money and payments services, digital banking, open banking, banking as a service, and insurance technologies. Regulatory, supervisory, and authorized institutions and agencies’ progressive approach fosters the ecosystem. There is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors thanks to that infrastructure.

Türkiye Fintech Guide, prepared by the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Finance Office to lift the fintech sector to the next phase, presents a roadmap about the ecosystem to all interested parties, especially entrepreneurs and investors. This guide, focusing particularly on the regulated fintech verticals, provides essentials of establishing a fintech company and regulations.

I sincerely wish the Türkiye Fintech Guide to be helpful for all ecosystem stakeholders and ensures innovations.

Prof. Göksel AŞAN
President of Finance Office of Presidency