The State of Turkish Fintech Ecosystem

The Finance Office aims to make Türkiye one of the the world’s leading countries and societies in the field of financial technologies (fintech).

The financial system in Türkiye is entering a different phase with the impact of technological transformation. The financial technology ecosystem in Türkiye, which has a strong position in terms of technology use and digitalization, continues to be one of the favorite verticals of both financial institutions and venture capital funds in this process where physical transactions are replaced by digital ones. While financial institutions invest in fintechs with the funds they have established, they support the ecosystem to create more fintech startups with acceleration programs.

The fintech sector, which innovates, accelerates and complements financial services with its unique approach, is moving towards the center of our economic and commercial life, expanding into different countries through acquisitions and mergers. From e- commerce to bill payments, from money transfer services to crowdfunding, from microcredit to open banking, from sustainable economy to participation finance, fintechs facilitate the lives of our people and businesses and increase financial inclusion.

In addition, the transformative effect of digital data and algorithms continuously improves the production processes of artificial intelligence-supported systems and financial inclusion.

Developments in the field of fintech not only help Türkiye maintain its financial stability, security and development; In line with the "Digital Türkiye" vision and the "National Technology Move", our Finance Office is aware that developments in the field of fintech provide tools that can be used directly and indirectly in a wide range of areas such as uncovering and utilizing new economic resources, seizing opportunities in global finance and technology, and increasing economic literacy, I hope that our "Türkiye Fintech Ecosystem Report", which we published for the second time with the contribution of relevant institutions and organizations, will be beneficial for the sector in order to keep the pulse of financial technologies in Türkiye and to share it with the public from a general perspective.


Prof. Dr. Göksel AŞAN
President of Finance Office of Presidency