Participation Youth Development Program

Participation Youth Development (KGG) is a training and certification program prepared in partnership with the Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and IFCapBuilding, aims at increasing and developing human resource potential, raising awareness and financial literacy in the field of “participation finance”, which is one of the two main pillars of the İstanbul Financial Center Project. 

In the first stage of the KGG program, which consists of a two-stage training process, "Participation Finance Basic Training" is given by industry professionals and academics who are experts in their fields, to the candidates that are eligible to enter the first 1,000 in the general aptitude test among the candidates applying to the program. In the second stage, “The Certified Islamic Finance Talent Training” is given by international trainers who are experts in their fields, to the participants that are entitled to be in the top 100 as a result of the midterm exams, the end-of-training general assessment exam and the English language exam during the first stage training process.

The KGG program offers its participants the opportunity of participation finance basic training regarding of the international perspective and local dynamics. The aim of the training is to provide the participants with awareness of why participation finance differs from the conventional financial system, what is the basis of this difference, and how participation finance is positioned in the current global system. In addition, with this awareness, it is aimed to increase the literacy of the participants in the field of participation finance within the scope of financial literacy. The trainings form the basis for the evaluation of the financial sector from a holistic perspective. Thus, candidates who successfully complete the program will have different perspectives in their education and career planning.

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Green Sukuk Working Report

In accordance with the act of “3.2.4. Conducting studies in the field of Green Sukuk” of the “Green Deal Action Plan", which was announced with the Presidential Circular No. 2021/15 published in the Official Gazette dated 16.07.2021, the responsible institution, Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, prepared the Green Sukuk Working Report.

Within the scope of the Green Sukuk Working Report;

  • Sustainable and green finance concepts and a summary of global developments in this field, developments regarding green bonds and green loans that are the financial products with the highest volume within the scope of green finance, recent policy steps in green finance in Türkiye, and Türkiye's fundamental goals about the sustainability,
  • General framework, concepts, trends and current developments regarding green finance and green sukuk within the scope of Islamic finance,
  • Differences of green sukuk from traditional sukuk, corporate governance and selected green sukuk issuances in the world and in Türkiye,
  • The findings and solution proposals regarding the issuance of sukuk/green lease certificates in the world and in Türkiye are included.

During the preparation process of the Green Sukuk Working Report, a working group consisting of sector and academy representatives was established, and the report was finalized as a result of the working group meeting outputs and research. Green lease certificate, is an important financial product to support Türkiye’s Green Development Revolution as well as has a great potential for the development of participation finance and İstanbul Financial Center to be an international participation financial center. In this manner, it aims that the Green Sukuk Report will be a useful text to be used in the development of Türkiye's economy and participation finance and in the fight against the climate crisis.

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