Participant Certificate

Katılımcı Belgesi

“Participant Certificate” to Join the IFC Ecosystem

Istanbul Financial Center is built as an ecosystem integrated with international capital markets aiming to provide advancements in participation finance, the importance of which is better understood after the global financial crisis, and to support activities in the area of financial technologies.

The IFC stands out at as important developmental step for Türkiye, and with the financial ecosystem being built, Türkiye will be able to take better advantage of international capital activities and increase its share in global investments.

The participant certificate is a mandatory document that needs to be obtained to join the financial ecosystem being built in the IFC, to operate in the office area and to benefit from exceptions, discounts and other facilitating structures provided primarily in Istanbul Financial Center Law number 7412 and other legislation.

Applications for a participant certificate will be made electronically via the IFC Portal. The IFC Portal is designed as a user friendly digital platform and will serve participants and prospective participants.

After the prospective participant submits their application, satisfies all requirements and the application is approved, the Finance office of the Presidency will issue a participant certificate. The principles and procedures regarding the participant certificate, including the topics of issuing participant certificates, exemption conditions, and suspending or revoking the participant certificate will be defined by the yet-to-be-published application regulations of Istanbul Financial Center Law number 7412.