One Stop Shop

Tek Durak Büro

Participant Oriented Single-Point Service Center “One Stop Shop”

The One Stop Shop is being established at the Istanbul Financial Center, given a legal basis for the first time with Law number 7412, to expedite participants' basic bureaucratic procedures and resolve them at a single service point.. The intention here is to make it easy for participants to apply for permits, market authorization, licenses, and similar approvals relating to their activities as well as permits and approvals for their employees and their employees' dependents.

From the standpoint of competitiveness with global financial centers, the One Stop Shop stands out as the most important non-tax benefits that will bring Istanbul to the fore.

The One Stop Shop was created with Article 4 of Istanbul Financial Center Law number 7412. Its management has been entrusted to the Finance Office of the Presidency and includes representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Interior Ministry, and Ministry of Trade as well as Ümraniye Municipality.

It offers a wide range of services such as company registration and activity processes, establishment and license applications, tax procedures, work and residence permits, and social security and employment procedures that enter the purview of the public institutions and organizations listed above.

Apart from bureaucratic work and procedures, the One Stop Shop will also offer information and advice to participants and direct them to the right channels.

User Friendly Digital Platform “IFC Portal”

As digitalization, accessibility and the speed of bureaucratic operations are becoming more and more important these days, we realized that we could secure a key advantage in the competition with other global financial centers by supporting a physical center with technological infrastructure. To this end, we are creating a portal to act as an interface between participants and the public institutions and organizations that will offer services at the One Stop Shop.

The “IFM Portal” will assume the role of a user-friendly digital platform developed for participant certificate and One Stop Shop operations. An appointment system and service monitoring screens are being created within the IFM Portal. Protocols have been established with the relevant public institutions and organizations so that participants can complete all the tasks and operations they will perform on the platform with minimum information and documentation input.

The Principles and procedures regarding the operation of the One Stop Shop will be established with the application regulation of Istanbul Financial Center Law Number 7412, to be published soon.