“Participation Finance Strategy Document” Introduced to Diplomats Working Abroad

The "Participation Finance Strategy Document (PFSD)", which was prepared with the coordination of our Finance Office and with the active participation of all relevant stakeholders and published in the Official Gazette dated 5 October 2022 and numbered 31974 with the Presidential Circular No. 2022/16, was introduced to the diplomats of our country currently working abroad. More than 200 embassy staff from 122 different representations abroad participated in the online events held in 3 different sessions on 19-20 January 2023. The first day of the held with the diplomats working in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North and South America and the second day was completed with the participation of diplomats in Asia and Australia.

PFSD is the first national strategy document of our country in the field of participation finance that is one of the two pillars of the İstanbul Financial Center project and in the online event organized to support the international recognition of PFSD, the keynote speech was given by Prof. Göksel Aşan, President of Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.

The valuable contributions of our representatives in the abroad promotion of PFSD are important.

In his speech, Mr. Aşan pointed out the problems of the current global financial system, emphasizing the contribution that participation finance can provide in overcoming these problems, and drew attention to the importance of inclusion of our citizens abroad and foreign investors in our country's participation finance system, as well as the growth in domestic demand in increasing the share of participation finance in Türkiye. In this context, Mr. Aşan underlined the significance of the Participation Finance Strategy Document and the valuable contributions of our representations in promoting Türkiye's participation finance sector abroad.

After the keynote remark, the sessions continued with a comprehensive presentation of the “Participation Finance Strategy Document” by Dr. Tarık Akın, Head of Participation Finance Department of Finance Office.  In the presentation; Mr. Akın shared the practical and realistic solutions that PFSD will provide to the structural problems of the system.

The online sessions organized with the aim of increasing awareness of our country's representations abroad towards the participation finance sector, which has already made a significant development in Türkiye and putting human and moral values and risk-sharing at the center, and supporting the promotion of PFSD abroad and ended with the answers to questions from the ambassadors and diplomats.