The first of the "Training Program for Economy-Finance Reporters" was held in İstanbul

In order to train press members who work as journalists in the field of economy and finance or who want to advance their careers in this field, and to share more effective and accurate news with the public, the first of the "Training Program for Economy-Finance Reporters", compiled by the Finance Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and in cooperation with the Directorate of Communications was held in İstanbul on 7-8 February 2022. The keynote speeches of the two-day training program were given by President of the Finance Office Prof. Dr. Göksel Aşan and Presidency’s Director of Communications Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun.

The training program, which covers topics such as capital markets, banking, insurance, participation finance and financial technologies (fintech), was held with the participation of approximately 30 reporters, working in the field of economy and finance, of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) and Anadolu Agency (AA). Capital markets, the regulatory structure of banking and insurance, the main job descriptions and administrative structures of the institutions operating in these fields, their place in the economy, their significance in economy-finance journalism, the general functioning of these markets, the products traded, and the methods of accessing market data were the contents of the program as well as the participation finance and financial technologies.

The training program, held at the İstanbul Regional Directorate of Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, is planned to continue to cover all media organizations in the future.

“A joint academy is a good idea”
Giving the keynote speech of the Training Program for Economy-Finance Reporters, President of Finance Office Prof. Dr. Göksel Aşan stated that with the event in question, they aimed to inform the participants about the institutional structuring, terminology and functioning of financial markets, and to train specialist reporters in the field of economy-finance needed in our country. In his speech, Mr. Aşan stated that the more the concepts are mastered and the better the concepts are used, the easier it will be to explain to the other party. Expressing that they want to continue the program, Mr. Aşan said, "this is a start, if successful, we can turn it into an academy. It is not a process that end with a 2-day training. If we can turn it into an academy, we can also conduct advanced training. We have such a resource, power, and knowledge. As the Finance Office, we are ready to provide all kinds of support. I think a joint academy is a good idea”.

"Economy-finance reporters have important duties at the point of increasing financial literacy"
In his keynote speech, Presidency’s Director of Communications Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun pointed out that the need for trained human resources for developing and growing economy journalism is undeniable, Mr. Altun also stated that economy reporters who can understand graphs and tables, interpret money movements, know the countrys potentials, production-consumption habits and convey them to the public in an understandable manner will have a different position in the profession of journalism. Emphasizing that the boosting of financial literacy is crucial to grow investment and savings in Türkiye, Mr. Altun stated that field reporters have a significant role in increasing financial literacy.

Stating that it is not enough to know only the Turkish economy, Mr. Altun said that reporters who comprehend how the international financial system works, are well-versed in new communication technologies, have strong analytical skills and can communicate interactively, will have a say in the future of the economy press. "It is quite significant to train well-equipped journalists in economy journalism, which is a field that open to manipulations. We all know that in our country, which has a growing and developing economy, the economy press does not have trouble finding news. I believe that the opportunities created by the Turkish economy will also be evaluated by our economy press”.

Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun mentioned that the Directorate of Communications has carried out many activities and projects to contribute to the professional development of reporters and to improve their working conditions, adding that the Training Program for Economy-Finance Reporters is one of these activities and will provide serious contributions to the reporters.