A Certificate and Project Award Ceremony was Held for the Third of the Participation Youth Development Program

The third of the "Participation Youth Development Program" (KGG) was held between 5 November and 25 December 2022 in partnership with Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and IFCap Building in order to increase and develop human resource potential, raise awareness and financial literacy in the field of Participation Finance and its certificate and project ceremony was held in İstanbul on 16 April 2023.

At the ceremony held on 16 April 2023, certificates and project awards were given to the winners of the program by the important representatives of the sector.

As a result of the exam evaluations carried out in the first stage of the third KGG Program, covering the dates 5 November - 27 November 2022, 397 participants were entitled to receive the "Participation Finance Basic Training Achievement Certificate". The second stage of the program was held on between December 3 – December 25 2022 with the participation of 100 people who passed the first stage and were successful in the English exam. At the end of this stage, 52 participants were entitled to receive “The Certified Islamic Finance Talent Training”.

“We plan to introduce this field to 10 thousand young people in 5 years”

Speaking at the award ceremony, Finance Office President Prof. Göksel Aşan pointed out the lack of trained human resources in the field of participation finance and made evaluations. President Mr. Aşan said, “We have seen that there is a problem in the number of people willing to work in the field of Participation Finance. Because this area is not known and promoted enough. We need to increase the number of people who intend to work in the field of participation finance. We plan to introduce this field to 10 thousand young people in 5 years and to encourage them to work in this field. If even 500 of our 10 thousand young people decide to work in this field, it will be an important human resource for the sector”.

Awards found their winners

After the welcome and keynote speeches of the program, the project and certificate ceremony was started. The first three participants awarded with their projects as follows:

  • Oğuzhan Macit - “Mass Commerce Platform”, 20.000 TL
  • Merve Bakay – “Electronic Murabaha Registry Application with Suggestions for Solving Existing Problems Originated from the Legislation Regarding the Profit Declaration and Sale (Murabaha) Procedure, one of the Funding Methods of Participation Banks”, 15,000 TL
  • Enes Cebe – “The Incentive for Participation in New Media”, 8.000 TL

The first three participants who received certificates in the KGG Program as follows:

  • Memduh Erdoğan
  • Ingkar Kassymgalı
  • Taha Arslan

Finance Office aims to provide participation finance trainings to a total of 10 thousand participants until 2025 with the new KGG programs.

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