National Fintech Strategy Document

As the Finance Office, we prioritize our country's position among the world's leading countries in financial technologies and carry out studies. Developments in the field of fintech not only help our country maintain its financial stability, security and development, but also are among the issues that will affect the future of the financial ecosystem in terms of introducing new financial resources and capturing global opportunities.

In line with the 11th Development Plan and the action items in the Economic Reforms Action Plan published in 2021, the National Fintech Strategy Document was prepared with the contributions of relevant public institutions, established financial institutions and representatives of the fintech ecosystem under the coordination of our Presidency as the responsible institution. In the context of the road map for the development of the fintech ecosystem in our country, care was taken to ensure that the studies to be carried out in this field are handled with a holistic and inclusive planning in order to reveal and evaluate the country's potential and that the targeted outputs are created in line with the interests of our country.

The National Fintech Strategy Document, which was created after intensive and devoted work, is expected to be shared with the public in the near future.