Insurance Training Center

Insurance Training Center was established in accordance with the Turkish Insurance Law in order to conduct the organization of vocational trainings and examinations of the Turkish insurance sector, in 2008.

Ensuring the organization of professional examinations in the field of insurance in an objective and impartial manner; increasing the employment level of qualified personnel in the insurance sector through the determination of standards for insurance training and examination services; increasing the service quality of the insurance sector, contributing to its development and thus meeting international standards; and meeting national and international insurance training demands more systematically are the main missions of the Center.

In this context, the Center,

  • contributes to the development of training programs,
  • coordinates on‐site and distant training programs in line with national and international demands and conducts the tasks and duties related to examinations.
  • organizes examinations in accordance with related regulations and decisions taken by Examination Boards,
  • enables the uniformity of examinations,
  • establishes cooperation with national and international organizations and
  • organizes conferences, seminars and training programs.

The structure and functions of the Center is regulated by the Insurance Training Center Regulation. The Center is governed by a five member Executive Committee. The Committee members are representatives of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Insurance Association, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, an academician and the Center Manager.

Some of the trainings and examinations undertaken by the Center are as follows:

  • Technical Staff Professional Competence Exams for Insurance Agencies and Brokers,
  • Pre selection and Course Completion Exams for Loss Adjusters • Continuing Professional Training for Certified Loss Adjusters
  • Actuary Examinations
  • Continuing Professional Training for Certified Actuaries
  • Insurance Arbitrators /Appeal Arbitrators Examinations
  • State Sponsored Credit Insurance Training
  • Takaful Insurance Training
  • Fraud Awareness Training