IFC Law Number 7412

The purpose of Istanbul Financial Center Law number 7412 is to increase the financial competence of the Republic of Türkiye in the international arena, contribute to the development and deepening of the financial markets and their products and services, strengthen integration with international financial and capital markets and in doing so make the IFC a leading global financial center.

The Law regulates the fıeld of the IFC, the provisions for managing and operating the IFC, the activities carried out in the IFC, and the incentives, discounts, exceptions, and exemptions relating to these activities. The Law includes the relevant regulations starting with the participant certificate, the One Stop Shop, tax benefits, and other incentives to make the IFC competitive in the international arena, and for it to have an investor-friendly, facilitating ecosystem.

Click here to download the text of the law: Istanbul Financial Center Law Number 7412

IFM Implementation Regulation

Article 10 of the Law states that the principles and procedures regarding implementation and other issues will be governed by a regulation. As such, work on the IFC Implementation Regulation, which covers all issues regarding implementation, including the principles and procedures for issuing participant certificates and the operation of the One Stop Shop, are under way.