Istanbul Financial Center Law No. 7412

The purpose of Istanbul Financial Center Law No. 7412 is to enhance the financial competitiveness of the Republic of Türkiye on the international stage, contribute to the development and deepening of the financial markets, products and services, strengthen integration with international financial and capital markets, and make the IFC a leading global financial center.

The Law regulates the area of the IFC, provisions for managing and operating the IFC, activities conducted within the IFC, and the incentives, discounts, exceptions, and exemptions related to these activities. The Law encompasses relevant regulations starting with the certificate of participation, the One-Stop Bureau, tax benefits, and other incentives designed to enhance the IFC’s competitiveness on the global stage and have an investor-friendly, facilitating ecosystem.

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IFC Implementing Regulation

Article 10 of the Law specifies that the principles and procedures regarding implementation and other issues will be governed by a secondary regulation. Consequently, work on the IFC Implementing Regulation, which covers all aspects of implementation, including the principles and procedures for issuing certificate of participation and the operation of the One-Stop Bureau, has been completed and was published in the Official Gazette dated July 07, 2023 and numbered 32241.

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