İstanbul Finance and Technology Base

The İstanbul Finance and Technology Base (İFTB) is designed to respond to the developments and needs of the financial sector and entrepreneurship to reflect the potential in the fintech industry. This structure will bring together Türkiye's technology development zone model with a specialized, thematic and innovative approach to finance. The İFTB, located in the İstanbul Financial Center, will be the first in terms of implementation. The İFTB, which is expected to meet the growing and developing fintech industry's need for such a center, will also fulfill an important task in implementing national fintech strategy.

Entrepreneurs and companies in the İFTB will be offered certain advantages within the scope of technoparks, which is regulated by the Technology Development Zones Law that entered into force in 2001. It has been providing financial incentives to the companies operating in this zone. Some of these important incentives are Corporate Revenue and Income Tax Exemption for Companies and Employees, Revenue Tax Exemption and Discount for Insurance Premium for R&D and Admin Staff, Stamp Duty Tax Exemptions for Products and Services Developed, %50 discount rate when employers pay for their employee's social security / pension funds.

Companies operating at the İstanbul Finance and Technology Base will have exceptional opportunities. While they engage in a large fintech ecosystem, they will benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. They will have professional consultancy in financial and legal matters whenever needed. Training will be given in the fields needed by the companies/entrepreneurs in the Base. Having access to skilled human resources, they will have the chance to work in a high-quality environment. Our Technology Transfer Office will give writing and consultancy support for national / international projects, intellectual property rights, etc. With the help of the Technology Transfer Office, the companies and entrepreneurs will cooperate in a university-industry ecosystem.

Services are planned to support technology-based entrepreneurs in fintech at every stage with Pre- Incubation, Incubation and International Accelerator Programs. To mature and establish sustainable structures for entrepreneurs operating in areas such as digital banking, borrowing, asset management, payments, crypto assets, insurance technologies, capital markets, savings, and Islamic fintech, the following support areas will be provided:

  • Training and mentoring specific to fintech start-ups,
  • Opportunity to work with financial institutions and access Türkiye's largest fintech network,
  • Access to international fintech networks in cooperation with the CBFO,
  • Consulting support;
    • National and international grants and incentives,
    • Law and regulation,
    • Communication and marketing,
    • Company formation, accounting, valuation and financing,
  • Opportunity to meet with investors,
  • Internationalization,
  • Office in a central location,
  • Technical and technological infrastructure.