İFC Project


İstanbul Financial Center (IFC), is a financial ecosystem that can meet changing global and regional needs with its dynamic, qualified human resource and crucial location at the junction point of civilizations.

In line with the works coordinated and executed by the Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, IFC, is one of the world's leading and rapidly growing financial centers, which aims to become a new center of attraction and rank high among global financial centers in this process where the global finance architecture has been redesigned. In this framework, the IFC Project is shaped around a strategy that aims to develop with “participation finance” that highlights asset-based financing and “FinTech”, which brings new expansions to the digitalized world.

Through this transformation process, in which the center of financial activity has changed geographically, IFC plans to host a wide range of financial institutions and organizations, such as banking and non-banking financial institutions, capital markets institutions, financial investment and portfolio management companies. Currently, there is an ongoing construction project, which is hosting the public banks, the Central Bank of Türkiye, the financial sector regulatory and supervisory authorities.

The vision of IFC Project, which supports Türkiye's financial infrastructure to be more efficient, contributes to the establishment of the sustainable global and regional financial environment is to contribute to the establishment.

In order to discover top reasons to take your place in İstanbul Financial Center, please download the following document: Istanbul_Financial_Center_Pamphlet_ENG