FinTech Hub Türkiye

The world financial system is entering a different phase with the wind of technological transformation. The added value that countries, companies and, most importantly, society will derive from this transformation is highly significant. In this process, where physical transactions are replaced by digital, the economic and financial system, especially money, undergo a complete change. The developments in technology affect the financial sector and the number of fintech companies is increasing rapidly both in Türkiye and in the world. In particular, Türkiye has a significant potential for the fintech ecosystem.

While the financial technologies sector, which renews, accelerates and completes financial services with its original approach, has been developed with the contributions of our entrepreneurs, it has become the focus of attention of local and foreign investors. Our fintech companies, which have gained momentum in recent years, are at the center of our commercial life as well as spreading to different countries through acquisitions and mergers.

FinTech Hub Türkiye, created by Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and İstanbul Finance and Technology Base; aims to contribute to the emergence of our country's potential in the field of fintech, to have a significant place on a global scale, and to contribute to the development of financial technology entrepreneurship. FinTech Hub Türkiye is a platform where entrepreneurs in the field of financial technologies can meet with investors, consultants and mentors and match online. In addition, the platform has also a social network infrastructure where investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and consultants can interact with each other.

Fintech start-ups included in the FinTech Hub Türkiye platform can communicate with different fintech entrepreneurs on the platform as well as with investors, mentors and consultants on the platform. Investors, mentors and consultants on the platform can see the details of the initiatives such as project, business idea, current status, investment expectation and can make interviews on the platform.

FinTech Hub Türkiye platform will also support start-ups in the fintech vertical with accelerator programs at different stages. For the business idea owners in the fintech field, the needs of developing the basic entrepreneurship skills, testing business ideas in every sense, turning business ideas into products and commercialization will be provided with infrastructure, training, mentoring and various consultancy supports.