Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

According to the Banking Law Nr. 5411 of 1 November 2005, The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), as a public legal entity, consists of Banking Regulation and Supervision Board and the Chairman’s Office. BRSA is headquartered in Istanbul.

BRSA is responsible for the supervision, regulation, establishment and operating permissions of banks, corresponding offices of foreign banks, financial leasing companies, factoring companies, finance companies, financial holding companies and asset management companies operating in Turkey. Furthermore, the authorization of independent audit firms, valuation and rating institutions that provide service to banks or financial holding companies is also carried by the BRSA.

According to the Banking Law Nr. 5411, in order for the establishment of confidence and stability in financial markets, the sound operation of the credit system, the development of the financial sector and the protection of the rights and interests of depositors, the responsibilities of the BRSA are determined as;

  • To regulate, enforce and ensure the enforcement thereof, to monitor and supervise the implementation of establishment and activities, management and organizational structure, merger, disintegration, change of shares and liquidation of banks and financial holding companies as well as leasing, factoring and financing companies without prejudice to the provisions of other laws and related legislation,
  • To become members of international financial, economic and professional organizations in which domestic and foreign counterpart participate, to sign memorandum of understanding with the authorized bodies of foreign countries regarding the issues that fall under the Agency’s duty field,
  • To fulfil other duties assigned by the Law.


The current lists of institutions under the supervision and control of the BRSA are available on the BRSA's official website on the “Institutions” tab.

5411 Banking Law