About Us

Following the election results of 24 June 2018, the Parliamentary Government System transformed to the Presidential Government System in Türkiye and the organizational structure of the Presidency was regulated by the Presidential Decree No. 1 published on 10 July 2018. Presidential organization consists of the President, Administrative Affairs of the Presidency, Vice Presidents, Presidency Offices, Presidential Policy Councils, Ministries, Institutions and Organizations Affiliated to the Presidency.

The Presidential Finance Office is one of the four offices affiliated to the Presidency, established with this decree, with a private budget, a public legal entities, and administrative and financial autonomy. Other offices; Human Resources Office, Digital Transformation Office and Investment Office.

According to the Presidential Government System, offices operate directly under the President. Offices have the power and duty to coordinate in matters that fall within its purview with all public institutions and organizations, to work in close cooperation with ministries, public institutions and organizations, public economic enterprises and organizations with the characteristics of public institutions, to carry out all meetings or other organizations necessary for these, to participate in international efforts and to represent our country. The offices are among the units that work closely with the President in the formulation and implementation of policies in line with Türkiye's goals and in the execution of development-oriented projects.

Offices conduct research in their mandates, prepare reports, produce innovative policies, and thus contribute to policy-making and decision-making processes. In addition to these, offices undertake tasks to ensure coordination between the public, private sector, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations. For this reason, offices are institutions that make very important contributions to the President's decision-making processes for the formulation and implementation of public policies.

With the Decree No. 1, four duties have been entrusted to the Finance Office of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye. The first one is to carry out studies for the İstanbul Financial Center (İFC) to become operational and to be among the leading financial centers of the world. Within the scope of İFC, the Finance Office has been tasked with creating a road map for the coordination of relevant institutions and organizations, the development of new financial products, the determination of a strategic approach and the making of necessary legal regulations in this direction.

Carrying out studies that will enable the development of financial technologies is among the duties of the Finance Office. “Financial Technologies (Fintech)”, which brings new expansions to the digitalized world, covers all of the innovative technologies and business models developed by financial technology companies to improve the access and use of financial services by consumers. One of the most significant targets of the Finance Office is to make our country among the world's most important and leading countries and societies in Fintech and Finance Office carries out its activities in coordination with all relevant institutions and organizations in this regard.

Another duty of the Finance Office covers the title of “Participation Finance”, which prioritizes moral values, aims to reduce systemic risks and establish a close link between the real sector and the financial sector, as it is asset-based and risk sharing. The Finance Office works to create an innovative, inclusive and dynamic participation finance ecosystem and develops new products based on risk sharing. In addition, the Finance Office attaches great importance to establishing strategic cooperation with important countries, institutions and organizations in the fields of "Fintech" and "Participation Finance".

Additionally; monitoring and analysing the national and international banking and financial sectors, reporting Türkiye's position in the financial markets, carrying out works that would ensure the diversification of financial resources and that international funds would come to Türkiye are the main duties of the Finance Office.