About the Istanbul Financial Center

İstanbul Finans Merkezi Hakkında

Istanbul Finance Center (IFC), located where civilizations meet and with its dynamic and qualified human resources, is a financial ecosystem that can respond to changing global and regional needs.

Through the coordinated efforts carried out as part of the duties assigned to it by the Finance Office of the Presidency, the IFC will become one of the world’s leading and fastest growing financial centers. At this time when the global financial architecture is being redesigned, the IFC aims to be a center of attraction and take its place as one of the leading global financial centers.

The IFC will help bring a more efficient structure to the Turkish financial infrastructure, and its vision is “contributing to the establishment of a sustainable financial environment globally and regionally.” Within this framework, the IFC is taking shape around a strategy that aims at development through participation finance, which emphasizes asset-based finance, and financial technologies that bring new openings to the digitalizing world.

The IFC is one of the most important factors in the new growth- and production-oriented economic policy and will incorporate many different financial establishments, creating qualified employment and accelerating economic growth by improving financial activity and opportunities for financing and investment.

The IFC will incorporate a wide range of institutions and establishments such as the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye, regulatory and supervisory institutions, banking and non-banking finance institutions, capital market institutions, and financial investment and portfolio management companies.

Built on 3.4 million m2 of land, the IFC is a financial ecosystem that will meet all participants' needs as an environmentally friendly, Gold LEED certified aggregation area with a smart urban management approach incorporating 1.4 million m2 office space, a 100,000 m2 shopping mall, and a congress center seating 2,100 people together with various social amenities, hotels, and retail services.

Istanbul Financial Center Law number 7412, enacted to ensure this financial ecosystem can be managed effectively and that the IFC is established as an area with special status like other similar global financial centers, was enacted when it was published in the Official Gazette on June 28, 2022.

To join the IFC ecosystem and benefit from the incentives and other facilitating structures provided by the IFC, applicants must submit an electronic application on the IFC Portal and obtain a participant certificate. The One Stop Shop at the IFC will serve to make it easier for IFC participants to obtain permits and other approvals relating to their activities, their employees, and their employees' dependents by expediting the participants' bureaucratic procedures and resolving them at a single service point. The management company founded by the Wealth Fund of Türkiye oversees the operation and management of all infrastructure and superstructure at the IFC and the leasing of independent sections and areas.

For more information, please visit https://ifm.gov.tr/